The Twelve Days before my PM Christmas

outsideinview.comOn the first day before my PM Christmas,
my manager sent to me
A sales demo to present.

On the second day before my PM Christmas,
my manager sent to me
Two features to add,
and a sales demo to present.


Trade Shows Offer More than Frequent Flier Miles

outsideinview.comOff and on for the last year there have been discussions about the value of product management and product marketing professionals attending trade shows. I have to admit, I had an opinion, not expressed in the debates, but I was not a fan. I guess too many years of playing demo gal had taken its toll.

But, all that changed this month. (more…)

Is Your Product Priced Right?

When launching any new product, pricing is an important component to consider. We must price the product to fit in with our overall value proposition.  Are we positioning the product as a high end expensive, valuable product or a bare bones low cost product? What do our customers want? How much will they pay?

Boston ProductCamp is Next Week!

I’m heading to the Boston ProductCamp on Saturday, November 7th. I’m very excited to meet and network with other product management and marketing folk, who share the same passion for this field as I do.

And, this also means it’s time to “pitch” my presentation proposal. I’m pulling together an “introduction to personas,” that is, how do you get started with them when you’ve never done them before. It’s dedicated to the persona newbie, and I pledge to make it useful and practical for this audience. (I had this idea since I only wish that someone had done this for me before my first one years ago!)

Will I see you there?

Another PCampMN Meeting is in the Books

Trying to capitalize on the momentum, the MN PCamp planning committee scheduled our second meeting only two weeks after the first. Yep, we’re serious about this event…and serious about bringing it to us in the Upper Midwest. Once again, the planning committee cannot be applauded enough for their stellar efforts!

We went around the table for our updates, and here we go: (more…)