Get Over It & Move On

outsideinview.comYou’ve had one of those moments, right? We all have. You finally got the interview with the company you’ve been targeting for a great job opportunity. The job is everything you want…and more. You prepared, practiced and were ready for the meetings. Then the call came. And, the earth crashed. You couldn’t get your answers to sound as intelligent as you practiced. You weren’t crisp in the responses to highlight your achievements. In other words….you blew it. And, by the time you saw what was happening, it was too late to correct. It was a train wreck before your own eyes, featuring you, and you couldn’t stop it. Continue reading “Get Over It & Move On”

Relevance matters

outsideinview.comEver seen the pictures of people dressed as superheroes visiting kids in the hospital? Aren’t they great? I mean, kids shouldn’t be in the hospital to begin with, and we all applaud volunteers who try to make them feel better. But… what about the kid who is afraid of costumers? Or, the boy who is into sports more than comics? I sincerely appreciate the effort that the volunteers made, and I know it has brighten many a young child face; but, I remember when my son actually asked the volunteers to leave. He was 2. He knew what mattered to him. He knew what was relevant. Continue reading “Relevance matters”

Doing the dance

outsideinview.comWhen you are putting together a package you know that it has to contain the right features for the market, is launched to the market, and is exciting enough for the market to generate talk. Or, at least that’s your hope. Really putting the package into the market, to generate that buzz, will depend on what you say during your sales cycle. Enterprise sales is a dance. Continue reading “Doing the dance”

Product Marketing Owns Insight


outsideinvew.comOn the advice (and prodding) of my friend Jim Holland, I also recently read The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson of the Corporate Executive Board. Like Jim, I then picked it up again, with a highlighter and pen and started again. (Side note – Jim was referred to this book by Steve Johnson.)

Jim wrote a great post about what he learned, as a product leader. In his post, he focuses on the main point of the Challenger Sale, that it is not about sales building relationships, but to challenge them. To rethink, reshape and change how you engage and lead. He further explains three models related to product leaders that are relevant: understanding the buying process, buyer personas and speaking the language of the buyer. Continue reading “Product Marketing Owns Insight”