Doing the dance

outsideinview.comWhen you are putting together a package you know that it has to contain the right features for the market, is launched to the market, and is exciting enough for the market to generate talk. Or, at least that’s your hope. Really putting the package into the market, to generate that buzz, will depend on what you say during your sales cycle. Enterprise sales is a dance. Continue reading “Doing the dance”

It’s about the story not the format


It’s a basic necessity that if you’re in product management or product marketing, you will end up writing a presentation for sales (or two or a dozen.) There are hundreds, if not thousands, of presentation tips, articles and books out in the market for you, all claiming to be “the source of truth” when it comes to writing the presentation that is “the best”, “most compelling” or “attention getting to deliver results.” Really though, it is pretty simple. Continue reading “It’s about the story not the format”

“This one day…” How stories teach better

Storytelling is increasingly used in marketing today in order to demonstrate knowledge, build customer loyalty and provide insight. According to Giles Lury, this marketing trend “echoes the deeply rooted need of all humans to be entertained.” Why? Simple. Stories are illustrative, easily memorable, and allow any firm to create stronger emotional bonds with the customers. Continue reading ““This one day…” How stories teach better”

Product Marketing Owns Insight


outsideinvew.comOn the advice (and prodding) of my friend Jim Holland, I also recently read The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson of the Corporate Executive Board. Like Jim, I then picked it up again, with a highlighter and pen and started again. (Side note – Jim was referred to this book by Steve Johnson.)

Jim wrote a great post about what he learned, as a product leader. In his post, he focuses on the main point of the Challenger Sale, that it is not about sales building relationships, but to challenge them. To rethink, reshape and change how you engage and lead. He further explains three models related to product leaders that are relevant: understanding the buying process, buyer personas and speaking the language of the buyer. Continue reading “Product Marketing Owns Insight”