The Pendulum has swung to the other side

outsideinview.comTraditional new product launch has included catching a new product as the development organization tossed it over the fence. Product marketing would dust off their launch check list and make sure that all the tactics were accomplished. They would book appearances at trade shows, write press releases, design data sheets, plan direct mail campaigns to current customers, research advertising opportunities in trade publications and other assorted tasks on the checklist. (more…)

It’s a Matter of Trust

outsideinview.comThroughout this blog we’ve looked at buyer personas. More recently we looked at turning sales into our partners; and, even more recently, at the sales funnel. But, what all sales – B2B and B2C – come down to, in a single word, is trust. (more…)

Make it Simple

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outsideinview.comThis is a simple post about being simple.

I was thrilled and honored to have a visit by my good friend, Jim Holland, for the recent Product Camp in Minnesota. While he was here, he scanned my business book shelf and borrowed a book, my copy of Seth Godin’s Poke the Box.” Jim enjoyed the short read and wrote a nice blog post based on his learning from it; in exchange, he brought me a small token gift, a simple non-descript cube that has somehow changed my life.


Where Do You Belong?

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Do you work in product marketing? Have you ever tried to explain what you do, to someone who isn’t familiar with product development and management? Ever want to pull your hair out after the conversation?  It probably goes like this:


Market Authority = Credibility + Trust

outsideinview.comIn this week’s #prodmgmttalk (a weekly virtual twitter discussion/gathering of people who identify as professional product managers and product marketing managers, globally, held on Mondays) I contributed through a comment that said “trust can be earned after credibility is established”. I applaud Jim Holland for leading this discussion amongst the community following his blog on the subject.  And, I wanted to explain my contribution in a bit more detail.