Product change happens with leadership not product

ghandiIt’s funny. You hear it all the time. A new leader comes into the product team. He (or she, don’t get too judgmental on me here) has great ideas and the experience to execute for success. He has the right people. And, the change expected, the desired turn, fails. The sales number are not meeting expectations. The product group is not launching products at a quantity or speed that the company expects. It’s all not working. Continue reading “Product change happens with leadership not product”

Customer Experience Begins with Your Words

True Story. (And we know that storytelling is more memorable.) I was having a conversation with a colleague who shared the tale of how she feels about her company.

You need to understand my colleague is experienced. She has held the titles, is a published author and a noted speaker. She is someone you know if you read this blog. But, her reputation is mostly US-based. Last fall her company was acquired, and while it wasn’t as smooth as she hoped, she was pleased with the direction it seemed to be heading. Recently some new leaders were brought into her company, and specifically on her team. That’s the background. Continue reading “Customer Experience Begins with Your Words”

Product Marketing Owns Insight


outsideinvew.comOn the advice (and prodding) of my friend Jim Holland, I also recently read The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson of the Corporate Executive Board. Like Jim, I then picked it up again, with a highlighter and pen and started again. (Side note – Jim was referred to this book by Steve Johnson.)

Jim wrote a great post about what he learned, as a product leader. In his post, he focuses on the main point of the Challenger Sale, that it is not about sales building relationships, but to challenge them. To rethink, reshape and change how you engage and lead. He further explains three models related to product leaders that are relevant: understanding the buying process, buyer personas and speaking the language of the buyer. Continue reading “Product Marketing Owns Insight”

You’ve Created It…You’ve Measured It…Now Share It

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Congratulations on creating the product marketing roadmap. Congratulations on discovering and creating metrics that show how you are progressing on that roadmap. But, now you have to communicate this information. The roadmap has no value if it is not shared.

Continue reading “You’ve Created It…You’ve Measured It…Now Share It”