Why am I failing?

marcommIf you were hired to be in product marketing, and all you do is write PowerPoint presentations, data sheets and webinars, you’re in marketing communications (marcomm) role. And, if you’re in marcomm, you will fail.



Lost a Deal? Wake up and smell the roses.

outsideinview.comSorry. You lost the deal. It was a potentiall nice account. At least it would have helped you get one step closer to your product’s quarterly performance goals.

But, you lost.
It’s not because of the price.
It’s not because of the product.
You lost beause of the positioning! (more…)

Change Your Words

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outsideinview.comTry this exercise.

Go to your marketing collateral closet and pull a sales packet of information out. These are the same data/sell sheets, white papers and pretty pictures that you would pull if you are preparing to speak with a potential buyer. (You can leave the pretty folder in the closet – they cost extra money to produce.) If you don’t have a marketing closet, go to your Web site and print out the packet of material.


Do You Have a Launch DR Plan?

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outsideinview.comA product launch or release takes time, effort and money. It takes energy. You can’t always guarantee the success of the product when it hits the hands of the market; but, with some extra effort, you can guarantee the success of the launch.

First, any launch means you stay put!


Avoid Throwing the Strike in Your Product Launch

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In baseball, everything you’re first taught about pitching has to do with speed and location… you want to throw the ball past the batter, and put it in the corners of the strike zone. Go for the heat!