Are you asking the right questions in your hiring?

outsideinview.comI thought it would be interesting, and fun, to put the shoe on the other foot for a change.

I was asked by a colleague to help him out. He has been asked to interview candidates for an open product marketing position in his company. Since that is in my domain, he asked me to provide a list of ten questions I would ask.

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Another Story on Why You Need to Understand Your Environment

Inevitability, no matter how good a product manager you are and despite the best attention to gathering requirements and scoping out the release plans, you will run into a challenge. Most likely, whether you are in hardware, software or services, this challenge will be that your development team cannot meet the timeline (or the budget) with the list of features that need to be developed

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Not All Domain Experts Can Listen without Bias

There was a webinar today entitled “Is Doman Expertise Critical to be a successful Product Manager?” sponsored by Product Management View (part of Ryma Techonology’s community.) This was an interesting event, where both sides of the argument were presented, by credible product management professionals. And, if the twitter conversation was any indication, passion still exists when it comes to the discussion. (You can review the twitter feed using the #pmv hashtag.)

Several months ago I wrote a blog on this subject. In the blog, and still today, I advocate that for technology companies, having the right product management/marketing skills is more important than having the industry skills.
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The New Rules of Obtaining a Job – no Snipe Hunting

Today’s post comes from Jim Holland. Jim’s passion is guiding teams that deliver market-focused products. He elevates, develops, and enables talent using natural skills and experiences acquired from individual contribution and management roles. Enjoy the post don’t hesitate to tweet your comments to Jim directly.

How many times have you read a job posting or heard of an opportunity and said, “I can do that job or I have the some of the skills or qualifications to do that?”

In talking to a number of friends recently, it’s apparent that what many of us are doing is hunting snipe.  Snipe hunting for those of you that didn’t grow up in the south or other areas where random pranks took place in deserted locations, is basically practical jokes where inexperienced people are told about a bird called the snipe and are challenged to catch it while running around in the woods carrying a bag and making strange noises.   
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