Throw the sales funnel away

outsideinview.comLast week, David Edelman, the leader of McKinsey’s Digital Marketing Strategy, posted an article titled “The Funnel is Dead.” In this piece, he professes that the traditional sales funnel is dead, because it’s outdated.  He goes on to say that today’s consumer “takes a much more complex iterative path thru and beyond purchase” and proposes a new model for the consumer product decision journey (CPDJ). Continue reading “Throw the sales funnel away”

Face it … Your Product is Old.

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outsideinview.comI don’t know when it happened but it officially became fall in the Northern Hemisphere. Typically I would moan at this thought, which makes me think about how many bags of leaves I need to rake this season (typically 100 around my house,) or worse yet, that winter and the freezing temperatures are approaching. But this year I’m hoping the new season brings a breath of fresh air. This summer, I realized my parents are getting old. Three out of the four had a significant health problem. And while, thankfully, all are doing better now, it made me face the reality that needs, plans and provisions need to change.

It happens to our products too.

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