A Huge Opportunity – for Whom?

outsideinview.comI have talked a lot about the disconnect between marketing and sales. In the past I’ve tried to focus on ways we can all get along, and even form positive relationships where we can grow despite knowing that the two teams are from different planets. Then, a move happens that reminds me. (more…)

PCamp Season is back! (A 4-step primer to take action.)

Summer is flying by. Hard to believe it is already August. School is starting back in some places around the country with others following very quickly. In the business world, we are starting to look at event and training calendars and coordinating our fall schedules. Yep, summer is closing to a quick end.


New Product Launch on a Shoestring

outsideinview.comWay back, in the old days (and that could mean 5 years ago to some), we had budgets to launch new products and hosted launch event extravaganzas to make a “splash” in the market. Those days (and the budgets) are long gone.  What has changed?