1+5+200 = Lessons to Share


This is a magical post. One equals the number of blogs I admit to owning. And, as of today, five is the number of years I’ve been writing this blog and 200 is the number of posts I’ve written. Yep, that equals an average of 40 posts per year, or one post on average every 9 days. Dang, that’s a lot.

What I have learned? Even more than I’ve shared! (more…)

Product Camp Session: Putting Agile on Trial

outsidenview.comFor the upcoming Product Camp South Florida (June 8 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL,) I plan to propose a session. I need your help.

The session is (tentatively) titled “Agile vs. Product Management,” and the idea is to have a 45 minute courtroom scene. One side, an esteemed colleague (played by W. Alejandro Polanco) who has agreed, will argue that Agile is a benefit to the field of product management while the other side (played by me) will argue that Agile is killing product management.

First, we need to propose the session and it needs to be voted in. But, as we both prepare for the “trial,” we would love your feelings – from both sides. Please present your argument in the comments below. Who knows, you may be asked to call-in as an “expert” witness.


Have fun with this! We plan to!

Are you Generating Leads or Creating Demand?

outsideinview.comIt’s common for product marketing job descriptions to include a line or two about working with market plans to generate leads for the sales force. But, are the number of leads really the right metric for product marketing? Wouldn’t it be better if product marketing is tasked with generating demand?

No, I’m not splitting hairs. There is a difference.


Get Over Yourself

outsideinview.comWhether you are a product manager or a product marketer, you need to get over your product. I know, you spend your days – and nights – thinking how wonderful your product is, how you can improve it, and why others haven’t seen the same vision you do. Maybe, just maybe, the answer is – your product is not what they seek.

What?!? Heresy you say! Of course they need, and want, my product. Well, maybe not. Think about it. It’s about the customer, the buyer, the market – not you. (more…)

The Pendulum has swung to the other side

outsideinview.comTraditional new product launch has included catching a new product as the development organization tossed it over the fence. Product marketing would dust off their launch check list and make sure that all the tactics were accomplished. They would book appearances at trade shows, write press releases, design data sheets, plan direct mail campaigns to current customers, research advertising opportunities in trade publications and other assorted tasks on the checklist. (more…)