The Strength of Weak Ties

weak tiesSince product managers rarely have the needed direct authority to accomplish their goals, they must learn to influence without authority.

But given all of our responsibilities – writing use cases, prioritizing back logs, writing personas, talking with buyers, doing sales demos, etc. – wherever do we find the time to work on our own professional development? Some personal skills are critical to success. Influencing without authority is one. Another is tapping into your personal network – friends, family, former colleagues and random folks you met once at a trade show, conference or ProductCamp. Continue reading “The Strength of Weak Ties”

My hiatus is over …

I'm baaaackThank you.  I needed a break.

I know that two years is a long break. But, I needed it. For those of you who have ever tried to write a blog, or thought about it, you can understand that 200 posts in 5 years can be tiring. And, you realize that you feel like you’re repeating the concepts. (Not that you are, just that you think you are.)

So, I took a break.

But, I’m back. Pay attention. A lot of knowledge, and even more observations, have been accumulated in two years.

You Can’t Get There Without Knowing Where There Is


I have not written much lately on this blog. But, I have been busy. As some long time readers will recall, last time I took a significant hiatus from writing on the blog, I was still, in fact, writing… but it was my Flat Stanley ebook. I am at it again. I have been talking about the need for product marketing road maps for over 4 years here  and here.

Continue reading “You Can’t Get There Without Knowing Where There Is”

Content matters…Sales matters…but Buyers Always Wins

contentYou’ve heard this one before….without experience I can’t get a job; but, without a job I can’t get experience. What do you do? How do you break the cycle?

Move this into our world… we have all heard the metrics that the buyer has essentially made his purchase decision prior to engaging in the sales cycle, so we need to put content goodies out there to be found. Without content, we can’t win business, develop trust or even build our brand. Continue reading “Content matters…Sales matters…but Buyers Always Wins”