After more than twenty years of work around the area of marketing, you tend to gather some interesting perceptions. This blog is the time to issue my commentary, raise questions, and simply share some of the observations I have learned over this time.

I don’t pretend to have answers. I hope to generate thoughts, questions and discussions.

But, to help in your perspective, my career has gone like this:

  • graduated college with liberal arts degree,
  • worked in non-profit management,
  • needed $, so moved to management of non-profit associations,
  • recognized as having tech knowledge so boss said, learn about this “web thing” before our client takes their money elsewhere ,
  • moved to a web manager role for networking hardware firm,
  • figured out there was so much more you could do, learned online marketing,
  • took skills to enterprise software firm, working on ASP product (yep, the parent of SaaS products), where product marketing and product management path became more clear,
  • went to large retailer in IT role as “translator” to business partners where I learned learned oodles about processes, methodolgies and dev challenges and grew into a role where I served as an IT process consultant,
  • went back to product management and marketing role for small firm with a telecommunications software product,
  • went to work for analyst firm building a model for product management of services,
  • spent some time on small contracts to pay the bills while looking for  next great, challenging, stimulating, etc. opporunity in arena of product management and/or product marketing – and served as lead organizer/project manager for the Minnesota Product Camp (with a great group of product people,)
  • time as a Senior Product Marketing Manager for a SMB software product. (social media case study – ask me and I’ll tell you the story,)
  • engaged with the Atlanta Product Camp team as a leader on the organizing committee, (and started my personal tour of other pcamps,)
  • working with a product planning tool, as a implementation consultant,
  • was tired of rearranging snow, moved down south and now starting to build a South Florida Product Camp,
  • still continuing to learn, develop & have fun in the crazy PM/PMM world.

I currently hold:

  • BA degree
  • mini-MBA
  • PMC (Pragmatic Marketing Certified)
  • CPM (AIPMM – Certified Product Manager)
  • CPMM (AIPMM – Certified Product Marketing Manager)
  • ITIL – Service Foundation
  • ITIL – Change/Config/Release Practioner Level
  • CMMi – Lead Assessor training

outsideinview.comI work hard. I play hard. Most important, I am not a dead fish.

And, if you’re not already, please follow me on Twitter:  @jidoctor. I tweet about relevant product management and product marketing topics (and the occassional sports comment when my team – the Boston Red Sox – is kicking it!)