Product & Pokemon Go

Pokemon GOYes, this is serious. No, it’s not crazy. Pokemon Go is a phenom that is taking over the world, or so it seems, as it is dominating the news cycle with something that is not negative or horrifying. In fact, the majority of the news are highlighting stories about the health benefits children and teens are getting from the walking/running they are doing to capture the Pokemon.

Observe the kids around you playing Pokemon Go, step back, and it is easy to see how it can actually help Product people as well.In Pokemon Go, players have to get up off the couch, leave the house, walk, look around, explore, observe, interact and form teams. (If you really want to learn this game, Google for helpful instructions – there are a ton of them, like this one.)

Since most of us do not build products for ourselves… (are you the product’s target persona?), product managers need to get outside the four walls of the office and learn from the market.

Visit some customers and observe how they use the product. What work-arounds have they employed? How satisfied are they with the product? Watch how they use it – in new, creative, unintended or unexpected ways. Visit users of competitive or alternative products. What do they like/dislike about the product they have? What are their hopes and dreams they intend to accomplish with the product? Visit some current prospects. What is holding them back from buying right now? What is the product missing in their view? How do they intend to use it?

Do some persona interviews. Do some win/loss interviews. Buy lunch for someone. Whatever it takes to get out of the office.

Like in Pokemon Go, the results can be eye-opening, if you just go out and wander about. But, product people, most importantly, put the phone down, observe and listen to the market. It’s an added bonus that you and your child/teen can be playing the same game. 

Looking in from the outside, maybe there is an app for this waiting to be developed? Prodemon Go?

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