A Huge Opportunity – for Whom?

outsideinview.comI have talked a lot about the disconnect between marketing and sales. In the past I’ve tried to focus on ways we can all get along, and even form positive relationships where we can grow despite knowing that the two teams are from different planets. Then, a move happens that reminds me.

In a recent interaction with someone attempting to sell me services that I clearly did not need, there was one last ditch effort from the sales rep that smacked of desperation. Despite my telling him that I had no budget, zero, nada, nothing, he still had a “strong feeling” that we needed to partner. He began the annoying email with an apology “for being a pain” – strong opening. This is followed by a threat “then come January, you will be moved from my territory and on to another Account Manager that I can promise will be much more annoyingly persistent than I am! Billing options will also disappear and 2013 pricing will be in full effect.” I am not a fence sitter. I clearly said that we had no budget. Then he begs – “So please – If you do have a few minutes to speak that would be great. I see a huge opportunity for [my company] with [his company]and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work as your Account Manager for years to come.” Well, there you go. Because HE sees a “huge opportunity”, HE must badger me with his desperate messages. He concluded the email with “Please – let’s talk.” Which might be seen as back to his begging for the meeting.

For the sales rep’s company, I know that this would be a tiny sales opportunity, not worth the time already spent on it. I was annoyed enough to send it on to our sales manager as an example of really terrible sales email along with a plea to never let our own sales people stoop to such low levels. Her response to me was – “Actually- I think this is a great email for me to use to get my foot in the door at [sales rep’s company], I could send this over to their CEO or VP of sales and pitch our solutions.”

Sigh! Sales really IS from Mars…

One thought on “A Huge Opportunity – for Whom?

  1. Ha ha ha. I had to literally laugh out loud. I just wish our pitchmen were as persistent (but less misguided).

    They are a different species, and they are seeing their relevance to the propagation of product diminish as the strength of content marketing, influencers that they can’t control, and an informed customer base that increasingly does their research and product selection prior to their first interaction with the supplier. The need of an “ace” account manager, or sales rep is shrinking faster than a shrinky-dink in an oven.

    Great post, and observation

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