We all know that roadmaps exist in product management. Everyone is clear on all of the best reasons for having a product roadmap.

There are different types of product roadmaps including market and strategy roadmap, visionary roadmap, technology roadmap, platform roadmap, and a slew of variations on a “classic” product roadmap (internal or external). But, does anyone ever plan out a product marketing roadmap?

I actually heard this term (a roadmap) used in relation to product marketing. When I probed, it was defined as “we need to know that we are doing the right stuff at the right time”. This got me thinking that, yes, that makes sense and we should be defining a product marketing roadmap that supports our product roadmap.

As I peruse my product roadmap, I was thinking about what the benefits would be for a product marketing roadmap, how would we change behaviors? We could start product positioning sooner, define the product benefits, do internal education while product is being developed, test potential messages as we test the features – matching critical product launch elements to the product roadmap process.

Maybe the concept of a product marketing road map is something we should all be looking at doing – doesn’t sound so far-fetched now, does it?  Maybe we should be looking at product marketing roadmaps as our first new value to introduce to our organizations for the new year.

From the outside looking in, I see that we are so concerned with checklist marketing, that we forget to strategically plan, or roadmap, our efforts so that when the product is ready – the launch side is ready when we are ready to release the product.

So, what elements would you include in a product marketing roadmap?